When our family came to St. Francis in the mid 1970’s, we knew that St. Francis was our church home almost immediately. Four generations of my family, my mother, Bill and I, our children and a grandson have benefited from the ‘profit’ that St. Francis has given us. I want to pay it forward and invest in the source of this profit…to help St. Francis grow, to ‘go public’ and minister to future generations so they too can benefit from all the blessings that we have received here at St. Francis. I am investing 30% of my estate in a legacy that will insure the continuation of the source of this profit- our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The return on my investment will be the love and blessings felt by future generations at St. Francis, and their faith as they continue to spread God’s word.

Sue Tull

Guide to Planned Giving

Planned Giving Brochure


St. Francis Episcopal Church welcomes your gift, large or small, to support the worship and work of our parish. Click HERE to give to St. Francis. Thank you!

There are several ways that you can support the mission of our parish.

Annual Pledge

Pledging is a commitment to give a specified amount to the church over a year, usually on a weekly basis. We hold an annual stewardship campaign each fall during which parishioners make a pledge for the following year. God calls us to offer our entire lives to Him who gave Himself for us that we may have life abundant. We encourage you to prayerfully ask God to help you discern your self-offering to Him. We invite you to respond generously because God deserves our very best.

Periodic Donation

Several parishioners and friends prefer to make periodic financial gifts instead of annual pledges. Some make these gifts as they prepare their taxes, while others make a gift associated with a specific event, such as a wedding, anniversary, birth, or death. If you’d like to make a flower dedication, you may submit a donation through Realm or by check to the parish office.

Planned Giving

Planned Giving is a way for you to leave a lasting legacy at St. Francis Episcopal Church, and to share your love of God and of St. Francis with future generations. There are a variety of ways to make a planned gift to the church. The most common are bequests or gifts of special assets such as insurance policies or stocks. If you would like more information about planned giving, please contact Father Mark Michael.

St. Francis has benefited from parishioners’ planned gifts over the years and indeed would not exist in its current form without them. Their legacy nourishes us through the church and its programs. We hope you will join this legacy of love so St. Francis can continue to bear witness to God’s enduring love. Giving some of your assets to St. Francis will help ensure that future generations will be loved and nourished by their St. Francis family, and your legacy will grow the faith of generations to come.

Planned gifts to St. Francis Episcopal Church may provide tax benefits for donors. Depending on the type of gift and how it is given, donors may benefit from reductions in taxable income, reductions in estate, gift, and inheritance taxes, tax deductions, or reductions in capital gains taxes. St. Francis Episcopal Church recommends that you seek appropriate professional legal, tax, and financial advice before finalizing any planned gift. All gifts to St. Francis are subject to review under the gift acceptance policy.

Capital Campaign Donation

Occasionally, the church undertakes a capital campaign to raise funds dedicated to a specific activity. Usually, these are for facility repairs or expansions, or large items such as a new organ. We hope that you will participate in these campaigns in addition to your annual pledging. Whether it is through an annual pledge, a periodic donation, or a planned gift (stock, insurance, bequest), your gift will be used carefully to support the work and mission of Jesus, through St. Francis Episcopal church. Your donation enables St. Francis, Potomac Parish to do God’s work here in our parish and beyond.

Please click HERE to give through Realm, our parish administration system