Outreach has always been an important ministry at St. Francis. A large part of our mission, there are always service projects and outreach events to support. We work closely with organizations both locally and internationally to help those who need a hand up. From serving meals at shelters and soup kitchens to Lenten service projects and Christmas baskets to mission trips and fundraisers, there are many ways for you to get involved. In the minds of many parishioners, it is hard to separate this ministry from warm fellowship. As a church family, we walk together in love to serve others.

We believe that we are called to follow Jesus by caring for those in need. Through outreach programs, our faith takes action and we grow closer to God by loving those who are loved by Him. We sponsor a number of direct service projects, we work together with local agencies and churches on others, and we raise funds for even more projects. Much of our outreach work is coordinated by the Women of St. Francis and the Men of St. Francis.

We have a wide variety of volunteer opportunities throughout the year, all aimed at supporting those who need our help. We work with organizations near and far to do Jesus’ will. Here is a sampling of projects we have recently undertaken:
• Loaves & Fishes,
• United Thank Offering
• Hunger Fund
• Building a well-spring to serve the village of Namajani and thirteen neighboring villages in the diocese of Masasi in southeastern Tanzania
• Serving meals at local shelters
• Providing holiday meals to every eligible family in our zip code
• Supporting families living at local shelter
• Funding a Christian school and womens’ training center in Tanzania
• Tutoring underserved children in DC
• Disaster relief efforts of the Episcopal Relief & Development Fund
• Rise Against Hunger meal preparation
• Interfaith Works Clothing Drives
• Support for Montgomery Coalition for the Homeless
• Youth Group and Family Mission trips to places as near as WV and as far as Alaska & Haiti
• Support of Christian educational and medical endeavors in Haiti, Honduras, Kenya, and Uganda
• Assistance to two Tanzanian Anglican bishops in their respective dioceses

Youth Outreach

The youth of St. Francis and their adult leaders are among the most evangelical of us and are a key part of our outreach. They use their special gifts to conduct a variety of outreach activities, which serve to deepen their faith while serving their neighbors. They are involved in various activities such as fundraising for local shelters, after-school tutoring, annual summer mission trips, and D.C. Street Outreach. Each spring, the Sunday school raises funds for an outreach project meaningful to them. Last year’s effort supported Bishop Given Gaula’s ministry in Tanzania.