St. Francis Episcopal Church sits on about 3 acres of land in the heart of Potomac Village. As noted in our History, the physical plant has expanded substantially since the parish’s beginnings. The Georgian style church seats 390 people and the undercroft provides vesting rooms and a meeting and reception space for other events. St Francis Hall houses offices for clergy and staff on its upper level, as well as a nursery, meeting rooms for youth groups, and the Kincaid Library. The upper level also has a large multi-purpose space where parishioners meet for Christian education, lectures, recitals, receptions, and other fellowship gatherings, and where we have a well equipped and much used kitchen.

St. Francis Hall with its addition contains twelve classrooms that are occupied on weekdays by St. Andrew’s Episcopal School and are shared by the parish Sunday School. In 1995 the church expanded its current footprint by acquiring the adjoining property, which had an existing house and large yard, now used as a playing field. The “Glenolden House” is a gathering place for our youth ministry and is used for special Christian education offerings.

The church’s grounds are well and thoughtfully landscaped. There are two playgrounds for the children who attend St. Andrew’s and the Sunday School, and two parking lots. A large patio is located behind the church that opens onto a garden area with a memorial columbarium. This provides a place for outdoor gatherings and includes a water feature, installed on the patio in honor of parishioners who served in the military. It also has benches for individual enjoyment.

The church maintains a modest four bedroom house for the rector within a few minutes driving time. The Vestry will make decisions about the best use of the rectory once a new rector is identified.

In 2013 the Vestry focused its attention on the modernization and maintenance of the existing St. Francis infrastructure, making many important repairs and refurbishments over the past three years. Already completed are: new windows for the church, new insulated roofing on both the church and fellowship hall, repairing and painting of the exterior woodwork of the church and fellowship hall, improved signage, re-paving and sealing of the parking lots, and other repairs to the school classrooms and rectory. The Nave will be refurbished this summer/fall to replace the flooring, refurbish the pews, and re-paint the interior. Our work over the last few years assures a healthy and attractive future for St. Francis’ physical spaces.