Student Ministry

Pray Hard Play Hard

We will disciple students to be faithful servants of Jesus Christ, enabling them to be transformational agents who share God’s love and mercy, so that they will change the world for Christ.

Student Ministry (otherwise known as Youth Group) is a vibrant and burgeoning ministry to and of teenagers in the seventh through twelfth grades. Ours is a relational model of youth ministry. Many of the students in our youth group are part of it because they’ve been invited to Bible Study, and, like their friends here in the parish, they keep coming back.

We enjoy what God is doing in the lives of our young people. We meet students where they are spiritually, and we pour our hearts and souls, and a lot of energy, into ministry with them. We watch the way they love the Lord our God, and love their neighbors, here in greater Washington, DC and in other parts of the country, and it inspires us to want to do the same. All of the programs we offer help shape youth to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

During the school year, a Thursday evening Bible Study for middle and high school students is held at Glenolden House, our Youth House. Around 10 to 12 students attend regularly. We meet at 6:00 pm for supper and fun (which includes everything from good conversation to icebreakers), and we begin the worship and Bible study at 7:00 wrapping things up by 8:00.. It is a time used to learn what God teaches and how He is going to use US to further His kingdom right here and right now! Also throughout the year the upperclassmen have guys group and girls group, which happens Fridays at 5:15 at the Glenolden House, to dig in to the more personal stuff that isn’t as comfortable to share in big group setting, and learning and loving with one another in a safe environment and group of friends.

Another staple of the youth group is Sunday School throughout the school year. It is a time of more biblical study and this spring we are just wrapping up a look at some of the major prophets in the Old Testament. There is praise and worship, bagels and drink, and time to hang out built around the study each Sunday.

Glenolden House, at 10030 Glenolden Drive, is where the youth group holds its meetings.

For more information or to join the Youth Group, contact Tony Carr or call the parish office at (301) 365-2055.