All are welcome at St. Francis Church and we hope you will join us often and add your voice to our worship of God in Christ.




Welcome to St. Francis – We are glad you are here!  We’re an active and growing congregation at the heart of Potomac Village. Whether you are just curious or are searching for a place to worship and belong, we are delighted you have found us. Saint Francis is a warm and caring community of families and singles, young and old. We have members from all backgrounds and religious traditions. We’re growing in faith and love as we follow Jesus Christ together.  We think you’ll find that our church is easy to visit – Expect several of us to introduce themselves and offer their assistance.  We are welcoming but not pushy, and we do our best to make visitors feel at home here.  We want to offer you the same welcome and friendship that were extended to us when we came to Saint Francis.   

God bless,

Father Mark Michael and the people of St. Francis

Sunday Services

8:00am and 9:15am

We celebrate anglican services using traditional liturgies and a lot of music.  The bulletin will help you follow along if you are unfamiliar with the liturgy. 

We LOVE baby & children sounds (happy or not), even during our worship services!  We provide ‘Busy Bags’, children’s bulletins, and books, and you’ll find a children’s Bible in each pew.  If you prefer, we do have a nursery just across from the church office in the other building next  to the church.  Follow the covered walkway and then go UP the stairs.  The nursery will be on your left.

During our 9:15am service, our children leave the worship service most Sundays just before the Sermon time and return at the Peace. This allows them some freedom to move, and a short children’s sermon, but brings them back to church in time for communion.

We invite you to come in whatever outfit you feel comfortable – there is no dress code!   You will find that most men wear suits and women wear dresses or skirts.  Some adults come in more casual style, especially during the summer months.  Children come in a variety of styles, from pj’s to jeans to sports clothes to dresses or chinos.

Fellowship & Sunday School

Please join us after the 9:15 service for coffee, tea and fellowship in St. Francis Hall.   We then offer Sunday School and Adult Forums from 10:30 to 11:30.

Communications Card

We hope you’ll share your contact information with us by filling out the communications card in your bulletin or in your pew.  We can then send you our newsletter and weekly announcements so you can learn more about St. Francis.

Anglican Worship 101

Worship is the heart of all we do at St. Francis. In worship, we are lifted into God’s presence and hear Jesus’ invitation to become his disciples. Worship is where we offer our lives to God in prayer and find ourselves fed at Christ’s Table. It is through our worship that the Holy Spirit strengthens and empowers us to actively share the love of Jesus Christ with each other, our city, and the world.

In the Episcopal Church, worship is choreographed. Every person in the congregation — not just the clergy — has lines to speak. The liturgy is a kind of like a dance, and if you’re new to an Anglican service, it may seem as if everyone knows the steps but you.  Please be patient – you’ll get used to it.  The bulletin will help you follow along, and the person next to you will gladly point out where we are.

Here’s a resource that may be helpful: What to Expect at an Anglican Church.