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Father Mark Michael, Rector, St. Francis Church
Father Mark Michael, Rector










Senior Warden, St. Francis Church
Dexter Ewel, Senior Warden
Junior Warden St. Francis Church
David Tozer, Junior Warden


Kathy Barker
Kathy Barker, Fellowship Portfolio
John Jasin Vestry St. Francis
John Jasin, Finance Portfolio


Clay Hough, Vestry, St. Francis
Clay Hough, Vestry, Legal Counsel and Youth Ministry Portfolio
Renita Ford Vestry St. Francis
Renita Ford, Communications Portfolio


Susan Dolan, Evangelism: Church Growth and Newcomer Integration Portfolio
Anne Baker, Parish Administration Portfolio


Don Harrison, Property Portfolio
Gail Feagles, Transition Portfolio


Sandy Gaddy, Outreach Portfolio
Leigh Alexander, Stewardship Portfolio


Gary Bachman, Treasurer
Chris Rigaux, Diocesan Delegate










Jody Thayer, Secretary
Clayton Hough, Legal Counsel