Keeping parishioners and staff safe during the pandemic is our priority.  We follow guidance provided by the local and state health departments, the CDC, and the Episcopal Diocese of Washington.   Masks are currently optional for indoor worship.  We continue with modified procedures during services (see below).  Please be considerate of those who themselves (or those they are caring for) may be unvaccinated or immunocompromised and thus need to maintain distancing and other precautions. We continue to monitor local conditions and adjust our protocol as advised by the CDC, local and state legislators, and our medical advisor.


We follow local, state, and CDC requirements.  During the height of the pandemic, we transitioned to live stream worship and then implemented many precautions to keep parishioners and staff safe when we were allowed to resume indoor services.  These included pre-registration, masks, face shields, gloves, plastic barriers, sanitizing stations, limited numbers, distanced seating, no congregational singing, no choir, safe communion protocol, pre-service and post-service cleaning, cold fogging (with HOCl), and open doors.  As the situation changes, we adjust our protocol as appropriate.

Currently, masks are optional at St. Francis for those who are fully vaccinated. Please continue to exercise good judgment and sensitivity during your time here; do not ask those who continue to wear masks why this is the case; read body language and social cues carefully and respect any wish for distance. Masking and social distancing remains mandatory in the back half of the seating area on the pulpit side. 

We continue with modified procedures for receiving Holy Communion and offer the Act of Spiritual Communion as well as home delivery of pre-consecrated host.  The church is well ventilated and cleaned between services, and doors are left open whenever possible during services. 

Attendance at in-person services and activities is solely at your own risk.  Please understand that while we are taking many precautions to keep our worshippers safe, we cannot eliminate the transmission of infectious diseases.  Our services and activities continue to be live-streamed so that everyone can participate.