“The love and support that the St. Francis family has given to me and my family are testaments of God’s love. I want my grandchildren and great grandchildren to feel the glow of that love too.” Sue T
“Finding a new church home was a daunting hurdle for me after being away from the church for far too long, but St. Francis Episcopal Church, its congregation (especially the Evening Prayer service regulars), and Fr. Mark made the whole process of reconnecting really wonderful.” – JJ
“Watching my children receive the love of God through the people of St. Francis is heart warming. They know they are loved by God, by their parents, and by their church family, which gives them inner strength and confidence to meet their challenges. There is no greater comfort than knowing that God is there with you, always.” – KS
“The people of St. Francis are inspiring – their selfless and boundless dedication to doing God’s work in our community and beyond makes me want to be a better person. Their actions help me to put things in perspective and focus on helping others in ways small and large, using my time and talents as Jesus tells us to do.” Scott J

St. Francis Welcomes You

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Faithful and caring community in the heart of Potomac Village.

Our church is conveniently located just outside the beltway, where River Road meets Falls Road.

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Traditional Christian Values For Today’s Families

We strive to apply traditional Christian values to our lives every day.  There is lots going on in our community, and we have something for everyone, from young children to savvy seniors. We look forward to seeing you – please introduce yourself so we can properly welcome you!