Sermon Recordings

Sermon Recordings Now Available

We are pleased to offer copies of sermons preached at St Francis. To read a sermon, click here.  You will be taken to Company of the Blessed blog.

To listen to a sermon, click here.  You will be taken to Sound Cloud.

Pastor Allison’s sermon on the Covenant.

We hope to have YouTube movies available as well.

Mary’s prerogative was to bear Christ, so

‘Tis preachers’ to convey him, for they do

As angels out of clouds, from pulpits speak;

If then the astronomers, whereas they spy,

A new-found star, their optics magnify,

How brave are those, who with their engine, can

Bring man to heaven, and heaven again to man?

—John Donne, To Mr. Tilman after He Had Taken Orders