The Columbarium Expansion Is Complete

Niches in the Columbarium Phase II may be purchased by parishioners who have been canonical members of Potomac Parish for at least two years. The Vestry has determined that the price of a niche will be $3000, payable either in full at the time of purchase, or by a down payment of $1,200 and three installments of $600 at six-month intervals thereafter. A purchase may be made individually or jointly; in the latter case usually with a spouse.

The Columbarium Agreement and accompanying Regulations are viewable by clicking here. Written copies of these documents are also available on the table outside the Kincaid Library. Please note that if you intend to purchase a niche, you will need a copy of these documents.    

Prospective purchasers may visit the Columbarium to “pre-select” their preferred niche(s). To facilitate selection, a plan of Phase II of the Columbarium showing the available niches (numbered from 141 to 262), may be borrowed from the Church office.  

Applications for niches will be accepted by telephone at my home number 301-299-8597 during normal business hours. Purchasers will be asked to indicate their preferred niche(s); if the first choice has already been taken, please have a second choice ready.

As soon as possible after the niche has been allocated, the purchaser should mail or hand-deliver to the church office a personal check—made out to St. Francis Episcopal Church—and attach it to the completed and signed Columbarium Agreement. At the bottom left of the envelope, please indicate “Attention: Columbarium”. A representative of the church will sign the Columbarium Agreement and a copy will be mailed to the purchaser.

I look forward to assisting parishioners in bringing such an important lifetime decision to completion.

Leigh Alexander
Columbarium Business Manager