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The Reverend Mark A. Michael


Father Mark is a native of Clear Spring, Maryland, a small town in the western part of the state where his family has lived for generations (and his mother still plays the church organ). He studied history at Duke University and trained for the priesthood at Wycliffe Hall, an Anglican theological college that is part of Oxford University in the UK (he became quite an Anglophile in the process).

Prior to coming to Saint Francis, he has led Saint Timothy’s Episcopal Church in Herndon, Virginia; Christ Episcopal Church in Cooperstown, New York; and Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church in Sharpsburg, Maryland. His ministry has focused on leading congregations in celebrating the sacred mysteries with joy and gratitude, and guiding them in forming a common life of loving service, spiritual growth, and faithful witness.

At the beginning of his ministry, he also served as assistant chaplain and a history and religion master at Saint James School, an Episcopal boarding school. Teaching and writing for the wider church has continued to be an important part of his work, and he writes widely on topics related to liturgy, church history, moral and spiritual theology, and the worldwide Anglican Communion. You can find his work in The Living Church magazine, the Covenant weblog and his own blog, “Into the Company of the Blessed.”

Father Mark is married to Pastor Allison Michael, a Lutheran minister who is currently studying for a doctoral degree in historical theology. They live in the Saint Francis rectory and have two sons and a dog.The address for the rectory is 9304 Meriden Road. Father Mark loves to travel, and though he has less free time these days, he still enjoys a bit of gardening and fishing.

You may reach Father Mark at the parish office at (301) 365-2055, or via email, or on his cell phone at (607) 544-4300.