Pray | Worship

Worship is the center of all we do here at St. Francis.

Learn  | Christian Education

At St. Francis, we recognize that Christian formation begins with our youngest members and never really stops. Our children, from preschoolers through 12th grade, are engaged in our Sunday school program and our Youth Group.  Adults enjoy our various forums to deepen our relationships and discuss how to apply our Christian values today.

Sing | Music

The St. Francis Choir, the Assisi Chamber Singers, and the St. Francis Boys and Girls Choir present beautiful music without fail. Join as we sing together in praise.

Love | Care & Support

The St. Francis Family also ministers to one another in times of personal hardship.

Play | Fellowship

Parish Life at St. Francis – we have fun together!  Throughout the year, we have many events where we can enjoy each other’s company: OktoberFest, Parish Picnic, Easter Egg Hunt, Advent Wreath & Christmas Cookie Making, Movie Nights, LobsterFest, Bingo, Square Dance, Game Night, Cooking Lessons, Book Clubs, Savvy Seniors Luncheons, Museum Field Trips, Potlucks, Brunches, Carnivals, and more.

There is a place for you here at St. Francis.  We have many groups that offer activities and programs for our church family.  Groups include the Women of St. Francis, the Men of St. Francis, Savvy Seniors, Altar guild, petal pushers, funeral committee, flower guild, lay ministers, pastoral care providers, wedding committee, Sunday School teachers, Children’s choir, adult choir, ushers, acolytes, book club, bible study groups, prayer groups, Theology on Tap, Youth Group, and more.

Help | Outreach

Outreach has always been an important ministry at St. Francis but, in the minds of many parishioners, it is hard to separate this ministry from warm fellowship.  As a church family, we walk together in love to serve others.