Church Personality


Together, we Pray, Learn, Sing, Help, Play, and Love.

We are a lively group who come from many backgrounds but are centered by our Christian faith.    We emphasize traditional Christian liturgy and values, and challenge each other to apply them in our every day lives.

During our worship services, we value the richness and beauty of traditional Episcopal liturgies and sacred choral music.   As a church family, we continuously strive to understand our faith, know our traditions, and respond to the Good News and to each other with vitality, imagination and caring, so that people looking for meaning and hope in their lives will be inspired by our life together in Christ.

We work together to strengthen, deepen, and share the gifts that have become our spiritual foundation and our means to bring others to Christ:

  • Pray: The ceremony and beauty of traditional Episcopal liturgies
  • Learn: Preaching that is strongly based in scripture and helps us apply our faith to our daily lives plus a commitment to Christian education at all levels, with a lively student ministry
  • Sing: A love of sacred music as part of our worship
  • Help: A robust outreach ministry that involves our time, talent and financial resources
  • Play: The fellowship and friendships of a caring and strong Christian family that has fun together, serves others together, and cares for each other
  • Love: We care for each other in times of joy and concern, and are committed to celebrating each other’s joys and supporting each member of our church family through life’s challenges

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